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Precautions for Plug Valves

- 2020-06-18 11:21-

When installing the plug valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug valve, and ensure the full play of the performance of the plug valve, you should pay attention to the following four points: 

1. Make sure the valve is in the open state. Heat the pipe first. As much heat is transferred from the pipe to the plug valve. Avoid prolonging the heating time of the plug valve itself.

2. Use gauze or wire brush to clear the pipe and cutting parts, so that the metal surface shine. It is recommended that you do not use steel wool.

3. First cut the pipe along the vertical direction, and fix, remove the burr, measure the pipe diameter.

4. Solder on the outside of the pipe and inside the weld cover, the flux must be completely covered by the weld surface. Please use the flux sparingly.

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