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Valve Market Development Will Continue To Deepen The Reforms
Oct 19, 2016

Our country is facing the arrival of the industrial age, with the development of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, and indirectly promote the valve industry moving forward at high speed.

Chinese valve market has matured. Valve industry has a high development in the industry. The figure shows that, with uneven distribution valve output in China. The production gap between regions. Among them, the highest yield of Zhejiang Province in March 2014, production reached 240506.75 tons, an increase of 10.3%, and production is relatively small, Chongqing, March production was 11809.5 tons. But compared with the same period, an increase of 1.89%, indicating production in Chongqing have been slightly improved.

Valves of increasingly fierce market competition in China. Indirectly, promoted the development of the domestic valve industries. But in the competition while there are still some drawbacks. Valve enterprises in China are mostly small and medium sized enterprises or family workshops, relatively backward technology, producing scattered, their production quality valves also has some problems, which hampered China's valve industry progress. In the future path of development, standardize the domestic valve market, creating a healthy market environment, is the first problem to solve valves profession.

Situation is excellent valves profession, valve market will continue to deepen reform, strengthen innovation, increase the input of technical content, creating a healthy market environment, for the rapid development of China's valve industry Tim Tim brick tile and create brilliant!