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The Polarization Trend Of Valve Industry

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Industry production concentration is low, high-end products matching the product research and development capability, low industry manufacturing technology level phenomenon is high temperature ball valve enterprises are still existing problems. The next few years will be the ball valve industry's high-speed shock period, the direct consequence of this high-speed vibration is caused by the expansion of the valve camp polarization trend.

However, the expansion of the valve industry polarization trend will also bring great development and transformation opportunities, the final result will make the high-temperature ball valve Enterprise market more rational operation. With the continuous improvement of valve technology, valve use of the field of continuous expansion, with the corresponding ball valve industry standards are increasingly indispensable.

Valve products have entered the innovation period, not only the product category needs to be replaced, enterprise internal management also needs to deepen the reform according to industry standards. In addition, the rapid pace of reorganization, high-temperature ball valve products are also High-tech, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. The domestic industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises under the huge demand environment, also will present "the smooth sailing depression Day, Baishidaji foreground spring" scene.

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