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The Difference Between Ball Valves And Gate Valves
Oct 19, 2016

Many valves, ball valves and gate valves are very commonly used model. Many users wonder when they selected model ball valve and gate valve how to choose, do not know what are the difference between ball valves and gate valves. Following small series to introduce the next ball valve and gate valve is the difference in a user-friendly and better selection.

Gate: also known as gate valve or gate, there is a gate valve body in perpendicular to the direction of the flow medium, adjust the height of the gate, you can adjust the flow of fluid. Gate valve close more slowly. Generally used in heating pipe, drainage pipe on the main control valve. Ball valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, paper, nuclear energy, aviation, rocket and other departments, as well as in people's daily lives.

Valve has the advantage of low resistance, shut tightly, no water hammer phenomenon, widely used in various liquids and gas shut off valve. It also has a certain degree of adjustability, but some open, gate vulnerable to fluid-soaked, fluid flow can cause fibrillation, easy to wear on the sealing surface.

Valve fault is complex, expensive and difficult to repair, seat easily settled solids in the tank and doesn't stay closed.

Therefore, should not be used with fluids containing fibrous or solid material piping. Media often used to air, steam, oil pipeline, also used as vent valve and a valve low silk system.

Gate valve is one of the commonly used cut-off valve is mainly used to connect or cut off the pipeline of the medium, not used to regulate the flow of water. Ask valves are suitable for a large range of pressure, temperature and diameter, is especially suitable for medium and large diameter pipes.

Ball valve: valve core by a center hole in the sphere, rotating globe control valve opening and closing. Ball valves used in petroleum refining, pipeline, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmacy, water conservancy, electric power, city planning, the iron and steel industry.

Ball valve structure simple, ball valve and as valve compared weight light, structure compared simple, and its overall of weight is light, so its can in low temperature media system in the play better of effect; sealed surface easy processing, sealed sex or, operation convenient, switch quickly, started and close of time is short, can makes test system get fast of optimization, and in valve of started and close process in the, not produced impact.

But cannot be used to regulate the flow, suitable for high pressure (up to 320 gauge pressure) pipelines, at present, be restricted by the seal material shall only be used below 200 ℃, can also be used for suspensions and high viscosity medium. And its performance relative to the valve is less, especially pneumatic valves (or electric valve).