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The Characteristics Of All-welded Ball Valves
Oct 19, 2016

1, fully welded ball valves do not require maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, long-term reliable operation at low running costs. Plastic-spray surface treatment technology, glossy appearance, has been at the leading level at home. There will be no external leak and so on. Valve body is a welded structure, valve light weight and ease of insulation. Install a regulating authority, and are easy operation handle can be removed, reverse to install.

2, the valve seat is made of carbon fiber-reinforced Teflon sealing ring and dish consisting of springs, adaptable to changes in pressure and temperature, pressure and temperature range will not mark any sliding.

Fully welded ball valve

3, the detector sphere process has advanced computer monitor, so the sphere of high Machining accuracy.

4, because the valve body material is the same as pipe material, uneven stress does not occur, nor because of the earthquake and then via ground deformation, pipeline ageing resistance.

5, large fully welded ball valve, such as diameter and variable diameter channels with fixed and floating the ball ball, double piston effect of sealing systems, automatic

Inject-sealant bearing.

6, in order to prevent static electricity, valve balls and valve Rod respectively with stuffing box fitted with a steel ball and spring, you can keep all the parts of the valve and the valve body electrical conductivity, current passes through the area, release of static electricity. Not only to prevent fires, but also to prevent corrosion, achieving temporary cut off time for maintenance.

7, stem off prevention function is because stem under the influence of pressure in the valve, always produced from the stem design off prevention structure.

8, full welded ball valve with low friction material thrust washers will support the pressure to the valve stem, valve stem merely play the role of torque.