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Sewage Treatment Industry Will Boost The Pump Valve Industry Development
Oct 19, 2016

At present, the area of low-end pump valve industry in China has been basically achieved domestically, in the high end by virtue of the cost and service advantages to achieve the progressive replacement of the oral product, in the international competition and to the pump valve industry. Future valve high-end industries, localization, modernization, valves will be the future development direction of the industry.

In recent years, the pump industry is growing rapidly not only valve production levels have greatly improved, its production has increased significantly. But embarrassing is that medium and in this process of growth of private pump enterprises more, the proportion is larger. Businesses and large pump valve, pump valve industry in China is not strong, the market less competitive. Judging from the pump valve industry development, the pump valve industry itself is also facing the risk of eliminating backward production capacity.

Issued by the State Council on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry has made three recent Millennium development goals, including the 2015 energy saving industrial output value reached 4.5 trillion yuan. This is a new Government overall steady growth, structure, and promoting reform, improve people's livelihood but also a benefit current and important measure to benefit in the long run. In expanding financing channels, China's banking institutions will be encouraged in the premise of meeting the regulatory requirements, increase its support for key projects, energy saving and environmental protection enterprises. To encourage and guide non-governmental investment and foreign investment in energy conservation and environmental protection. China will accelerate the development and implementation of renewable energy access and pricing policies, and gradually expand peak-Valley price difference, the implementation of residential electricity price ladder, promoting residential water use tiered pricing. Urban sewage and garbage treatment fee policy, sludge disposal costs into the sewage treatment costs. 25 water resources planning investments worth 462.8 billion yuan, of which, focusing on water conservancy investment ratio exceeds 50%.

According to the relevant data show that investment in sewage treatment facilities, pumps around the machinery and equipment with a total investment of 15%, rata, 35, urban sewage treatment pump products in the field of demand of around 60 billion yuan, nearly 40 billion market over the next three years, the market prospects are good. In the near future, the pump valve backbone enterprises in China will be able to catch up with and surpass the similar foreign enterprises, to contribute to the national domestic production of major technical equipment, pumps and valves occupy a certain share of the market competition in the world, and become a pump and valve manufacturing power in the world.