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Production Of Full Welded Ball Valve, You May Run Into Technical Difficulties
Oct 19, 2016

Seen fully welded ball valve valve body, know welding joints are generally designed for narrow gap submerged arc welding for thick wall, there is a fully welded body, mostly large thickness welded joint of tube-shaped. Did you ever think why? what to do with it? This article with your understanding of this knowledge.

Heat treatment

Thick-walled multilayer welding is the process of repeated heating and cooling of metal materials, resulting in uneven welding joint microstructure and deterioration, high residual stress and even welding defects. Welding and Assembly of the product after the last operation, non-metal valve cavity sealing rubber and Teflon, post weld heat treatment is not possible.


Design of the valve body welded joints, for aligning and positioning, Assembly of a circular aperture in the weld root exists, the gaps in the internal pressure and external loads, will generate several times the normal concentration of work stresses, also make it difficult for engineers.

Roots of the valve body welded joint crack stress concentrations, residual stress and tissue deterioration to be weaknesses in the structure of the valve body, valve for domestic and foreign circles, but there is no reports about any solution to this problem, become a hazard for border integrity of the structure of this product.