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Fully Welded Ball Valve Installation Method
Oct 19, 2016

In order to ensure that the valve itself of strictness and safety first pressure test should be carried out before installation, installation methods include the following:

Fully welded ball valve

(1) lifting. Lifting the valve should be used the right way, in order to protect the valve stem, chain slings should not be tied to the handwheel, gear box and actuators. Valves at both ends of the sleeve Cap not removed prior to welding.

(2) welding. Fully welded ball valve connected to the trunk pipeline welding. Weld quality must be consistent with the fusion welding joint flexion radiographs (GB3323-2005) II-movie standards, typically welded can not fully guarantee all qualified, So ordered valve when should requirements manufacturers in valve ends increased 1.0M long sleeve tube, once weld not qualified also has enough of length will not qualified weld removed both new welding in ball valve and pipeline welding Shi, valve should in 100% full location, so as not to valve ball was splash of welding slag damaged, while ensure valve internal sealed pieces temperature not over 140 degrees Celsius, necessary Shi can take appropriate of cooling measures.

(3) the valve lining. Fully welded ball valve uses a special structure design, maintenance-free characteristics, buried in the valve before special anti-corrosion coating outside PU coated, and 3 respectively as seat and stem injections of emergency grease pipe, vent pipe in the cavity and stem according to Huang depth appropriately extended, so that the staff can complete all operations on the ground. For conventional non-fully welded ball valves may not be direct buried and built large valves, but formed a dangerous confined spaces, is not conducive to safe operation. While the valve body and valve body with bolted joints of the pipe will corrode and affect the life of the valve.