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Electric Ball Valve Performance And Use Of
Oct 19, 2016

First, the application control component in the pipeline system, is very broad, it is very much to control the flow, pressure, reflux and so on, all have very good results. Due to the quality of the electric valve, secure pipe has a big impact, so on the choice of electric valve, be sure to follow certain procedures and the basis for selection.

Secondly, companies clear-diameter pipes, conscious of the need to choose what kind of electric ball valve and connection.

Thirdly, the necessary piping, ensure that the electric valves commonly used parameters, such as the discharge capacity, can make the valve seat diameter size, flow resistance, if you do not select these parameters, electric control valve the flow of influence will be greatly reduced.

Finally, based on the operating temperature, choosing the right materials and, of course, pressure pipeline will be taken into account.

In addition, as a reminder, do not rush when choosing a product, must first understand the current electric valve products, performance, and understand the best way is to contact a number of electric valve manufacturers, provide them with product catalogs, style, and so forth, shop around, you can choose the most cost-effective products.

Electric valve is to be noted that, in addition to the pipeline parameters, should pay special attention to its obligations under environmental conditions, because of the electric valve actuator for mechanical and electrical equipment, its obligations provides enormous environmental impact.