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Correct Selection And Use Of Eccentric Semi-ball Valve
Oct 19, 2016

1. eccentric semi-ball valve deterioration in the material selection and use of the possibility of regular checks by the user and necessary to consider.

2. eccentric semi-ball valve design only considered the General working conditions, such as special requirements shall be indicated in the contract.

3. eccentric semi-ball valve design only considered minor corrosion, for severe corrosion or special occasions, eccentric semi-ball valve does not apply.

4. the valve operating temperature range must not exceed maximum working pressure rating of the valve, excess (instantaneous) consequences of this scope is entirely the responsibility of the user.

5. the corresponding temperature valve shall not exceed the maximum working pressure maximum working pressure rating of the valve, excess (instantaneous) this range or use and the temperature corresponding to the pressure rating of the consequences is entirely the responsibility of the user.

6. the valve under pressure shall not remove

7. the eccentric semi-ball valve belonging to the pair of valves seat valves, when the valve is closed, body cavity may have residue product, system temperature, residual liquid may be abnormally high heat causes the body cavity pressure.

9. the valve in the process of working surface temperatures may cause contact Burns, users must set at the corresponding position of warning signs.

8. the eccentric semi-ball valve design is not for life, test and fatigue strength, required users to use regular repair and replacement.

10. valve shall not add or replace filler with pressure, fly-proof structure as users change with pressure fillers or reason for o-rings.

11. the valve operation in the process not to weld repairs and exterior paint.

13. the design did not take into account seismic load eccentric semi-ball valve, and the resulting consequences, the factory is not responsible for.

Eccentric semi-ball valve

A. eccentric semi-ball valve operating conditions must be commensurate with the nameplate and instructions provided.

B. when eccentric semi-ball valve, can allow a lightly used to regulate the flow.

C. open valve, opening and closing indicator as a sign full, which means that the fixed location as its fully open or fully closed position.

D. eccentric semi-ball valve by rotating the handwheel so that the ball opening and closing.