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Analysis Of Pneumatic Ball Valve Manufacturer Ball Valve Technology Needed To Innovate
Oct 19, 2016

According to relevant statistics, pneumatic ball valve exists as a part of the machine, the material, structure and process quality, its reliability, pneumatic ball valve, any point will affect the machine efficiency, good, life and safety and pollution indicators. Part pneumatic ball valve manufacturer, pneumatic ball valve technique at this stage will lead to a technological innovation.

Currently, the pneumatic ball valves profession abroad are the biggest influence on the use of new materials and the expansion of structural adjustment and performance of similar products. Although this impact is very big, but its extent is different.

Development of pneumatic ball valve products abroad focus on application of pneumatic ball valve material, because of the corrosion-resistant valves pneumatic ball valve material still can not fully meet the needs of its technology development, ultra-low carbon stainless steel valves are generally small, so foreign pneumatic ball valve manufacturers are accelerating the development of ultra low carbon dual-phase pneumatic ball valve. Ultra low carbon bi-directional pneumatic ball valve with high chloride, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, inorganic acids, organic acid environments, such as pitting, intergranular corrosion, corrosion, etc.

In addition, pneumatic ball valve manufacturers abroad more and more attention to the application of nano-material in pneumatic ball valve. Nanotechnology is science and technology development in the world of cutting-edge technology, study on Nano plastic valves, nano-materials in the equipment manufacturing industry only sub-nanometer level, powders for manufacturing pneumatic ball valve for nano-scale processing. Pneumatic ball valve plastic pellets is bigger, new technology, can be arranged in fine grains of powder, after firing high pressure Diecasting obtained pneumatic ball valve of the whole body, this pneumatic ball valve on the corrosion resistance of high strength.

At present, the pneumatic ball valve technology in China than in other countries there is a gap, pneumatic ball valve market is an integral part of, pneumatic ball valve manufacturer in China should seize the opportunity, innovation, based on the domestic market at the same time, greater international influence.