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All-welded Ball Valves To Prevent
Oct 19, 2016

All our products are produced during the welding process of welded ball valve valve body around and deformation of the body seat along with their location, in order to prevent the welding deformation, fully welded ball valve so the welding process effective preventive measures should be taken:

First, fully welded ball valve welding high energy heat source should be used.

Second, a reasonable selection of process parameters, Groove, and low energy input.

Third, limited and narrow weld heating area, forced cooling (water or copper plate) welded parts.

Last, choose fine wire, low-speed, control the temperature interval on each 50~80℃.

V, organized assembling and welding sequence.

The principle of all-welded ball valves also used a cam, valve balls and valve seat sealing surface in the rotating out, rotate into place and then push the ball toward the seat seal. When the valve is in the fully open position, turn the hand wheel clockwise, stem nut and thrust bearing, together with the stems begin to decline and drove the ball to rotate. Connections turn the balance wheel, precision of spiral curves on the valve stem Groove track, and embedded in the Guide pin interplay brings fully welded ball valve ball valve stem keeps rotating clockwise. Valve will be closed when the stem has led the spheroid and valve seat sealing surface without friction condition rotated 90 degrees.