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Advantages And Disadvantages Of High Pressure Ball Valve

- Jun 04, 2018 -

High-pressure ball valve for hydraulic machinery and equipment, hydraulic switches, natural gas, etc., it is composed of control, power and the implementation of the three major parts. The control part is composed of pressure control valve, flow control valve, directional control valve and electrical control system.

The power part consists of an electric motor or a pneumatic motor, a hydraulic pump, a fuel tank, etc., which converts the effective power on the rotating axis of the electrical or pneumatic motor into the fluid pressure energy of the hydraulic transmission.

High-pressure ball valve device actuator has two kinds, one is hydraulic cylinder actuator, realize reciprocating linear movement, the other is hydraulic motor actuator, realize rotary motion.

High-pressure ball valve Advantages:

1, simple structure, compact, small size;

2. Stable and reliable transmission;

3, can obtain the very big output torque;

4, the output torque can be accurately adjusted;

5, speed adjustment is convenient;

6. Convenient disassembly and replacement.

Disadvantages of high pressure ball valve:

1, affected by the environmental temperature is larger;

2, piping trouble, easy to produce leakage;

3, not suitable for the signal production of various operations of the occasion.

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