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Valve is the difference between wrought and cast
Oct 19, 2016

Is the use of metal forming machinery for forging billet pressure to produce plastic deformation, to obtain a certain mechanical properties, shape and size of the forging process. Forging and stamping are plastic processing properties, collectively called the forge

Casting is a liquid metal forming processes, namely preparation well in advance of molten liquid alloy injected after solidification in the mold to form castings. casting process can be broken down into sand casting, pressure casting, investment casting, shell casting, lost wax casting, low-pressure casting, gravity die casting, and so on.

Valve castings are generally refers to the part by casting moulding, this part generally refers to the valve body, bonnet and handwheel. Casting is usually part of a larger, or cost savings, but which meet the standards and design requirements. And casting and forging forming process, generally with smaller valves, or special industry, or the owners ' request.

Major parts of the valve including valve bodies, valve cover, valve stem, valve one (Gate), the stem is forged according to standard requirement, of course, there are some manufacturers who wished to save cost by rolling bars instead, based on experience, the valve under low pressure condition used in doing so are acceptable. Disc (disc) and the valve body, valve covering small forgings even bars direct processing can be. Is to use larger castings. We usually valve casting materials are divided into: carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Carbon steel: WCA,WCB,WCC; steel: WC6,WC9 stainless steel: CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M. Of course there are special casting materials: copper, titanium, titanium alloy and so on.