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How to choose the right trap?
Oct 19, 2016

Traps can be divided into:-mechanical, thermal, thermostatic steam traps and pump-trap. If you want to choose the right trap the following factors need to be considered.

1, and to according to sparse valve of using location to select right type of sparse valve: is divided into need fast excluded condensation water of occasions (as for hot equipment, and points cylinder, and steam conveying pipeline,) and not need fast discharge condensation water of occasions (as heating, and with hot,); in need fast discharge condensation water of occasions should selection mechanical type (inverted barrels type, and floating ball type), and hot power type (disc type, and pulse type, and maze type, and hole plate) sparse valve; in not need fast discharge condensation water of occasions can selection hot static force type (double metal type, and Bellows, capsule-style), special occasions (that is, trap the inlet pressure is less than the trap outlet pressure) should choose the pump trap.

2, meet the equipment requirements of pressure (working pressure, design pressure) and temperature (operating temperature, temperature) and material requirements of steam traps.

3, according to the trap's pressure and liquid emissions by appropriate choice of steam trap capacity: refers to the steam trap capacity using the device's volume (steam consumption) multiplied by a safety factor (generally float type steam trap to be considered more than twice times safety factor, other types of traps to consider safety factor of more than 3 times)

4, device size, mode and standard compliant.

Meet the above criteria will be able to choose the right trap, trap various manufacturers have different product quality, in the selection should choose a reputable, professional quality trap manufacturers and brands.

When trap is selected, you must press equipment of specific steam consumption per hour multiplied by the selected magnification 2-3 times for maximum condensation water, selecting steam traps discharge. To ensure steam traps discharge condensate as soon as possible when driving quickly increase the temperature of heating equipment. Trap emission energy is not enough, will cause condensation of water cannot be discharged in a timely manner and reduce the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment. (When you first start to steam a steam heating equipment, the equipment is cold, filled with air, you need to trap the air flowing rapidly, then a lot of condensation water at low temperature, the device gradually heat up, then device into a functional State. When driving, a lot of air and low temperature condensed water, low inlet pressure, overload the trap, trap than normal at this time of the displacement, so press Select magnification 2-3 times to select traps. )