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Future development trend of electric control valve introduced
Oct 19, 2016

Electric control valve is driven by the power of electric actuator drive valve to throttle, it is an important unit of industrial automation and process control instrumentation. Compared with the traditional pressure regulating valves, electric control valve has obvious advantages: electric single seat regulating valve to energy saving, environmental protection, and even more quick and easy to install.

Electric control valve from birth to now become the mainstream of valve market, after a long process. At the beginning of pneumatic control valves. Pneumatic control valve does have its advantages: it is simple in structure, convenient operation and maintenance, as long as the gas source for automatic control, wants to lower the cost and because of its inherent safety in chemical industries, where explosion protection is required, especially for. Due to pneumatic Regulation valve of drive power from compression air, and air of can compression sex, must led to response speed and control stability enough of problem, especially in big caliber, and big implementation device and pressure drop larger of occasions, and control precision requirements high of occasions, on exposed out it of weaknesses to, also has is speed problem, due to atmosphere cylinder of gas capacity larger, from implementation device received to gas signal to on regulation components of drive, this middle need a time, so switch time on compared long, more big of valve, this situation more obviously.

Electric Regulation valve, using up most convenient, just has 220 or 380V of power, distribution to entered signal line, can achieved ideal control, not need laying what pipeline; in flammable easy burst occasions, just to equipped with explosion-proof implementation device on can normal using; Regulation valve pros and cons role of change is convenient, just in built-in module Shang set about on OK has, and this for pneumatic Regulation valve for, also is a called trouble of problem.

For big caliber, and need vigorously moment of electric Regulation valve, has more Rotary of electric implementation device tie, control not problem, recently also appeared has frequency adjustable speed electric implementation device, can in control precision Shang upgrade of while, and achieved energy-saving of target; not only has traditional electronic type of electric Regulation valve, now also has has can for HART communications, and completely digital type of intelligent type Regulation valve, can achieved online diagnosis, and alarm, and records data, intelligent function, greatly improve has Regulation valve of using function; more has will controller, and sensor , Actuator Assembly, the emergence of intelligent adjusting valve, you can measure and control variables, through the controller operation, output control signal adjustment valve to adjust the medium flow, pressure and other parameters, a smart valve is equivalent to a micro control systems, this system and control system of digital communication and coordination control task.