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Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve
Oct 19, 2016

Advantages: ① has minimum of flow resistance (actual for 0); II for in work Shi not card live (in no lubricant Shi), so can reliable to application Yu corrosion sex media and low boiling point liquid in the; ③ in larger of pressure and temperature range within, can achieved completely sealed; II can achieved fast opening and closing, some structure of opening and closing time only for 0.05~0.1s, to guarantee can for test Taiwan of automation system in the. Quick on-off valve, the operation of shock. ⑤ spherical close pieces can in border location Shang automatically positioning; ⑥ work media in double Shang sealed reliable; sadly in full and full closed Shi, sphere and valve seat of sealed surface and media isolation, so high-speed through valve of media not caused sealed surface of erosion; ⑧ structure compact, and weight light, can think it is for low temperature media system of most reasonable of valve structure; Krispy Kreme valve body symmetric, especially welding valve body structure, can is good to bear from pipeline of stress; ⑩ close pieces can bear close Shi of high pressure poor. ⑾ fully welded ball valve valve body can be buried in the ground, so that in case the valve is not affected by erosion, the maximum service life of up to 30 years, is the most ideal valve oil and natural gas pipelines.

Disadvantages: ① because the ball valve the main valve seat seal materials are Teflon, it is inert to almost all chemicals, and has a low coefficient of friction, stable performance, easy to aging, wide temperature application range and characteristics of good performance to seal a comprehensive. However, the physical properties of PTFE, including the higher coefficient of expansion, sensitivity to cold and poor thermal conductivity, requires seating must be designed around these characteristics. So, when the seal material hardens, seal reliability is undermined. Moreover, low temperature resistant PTFE, can only be used in the case is less than 180 degrees. Above this temperature, sealing material ages. Consider long-term use cases, usually only used at 120 ℃. II the regulation relative to the valve is less, especially pneumatic valves (or electric valve).